« Your mission, should you accept it…»

1. Organize a session: whether in your favorite running spot, near where you live, a track that you like and want to share with other runners… You can choose!

2. Talk about your sessions with runners of your network, your contacts on the app, your friends and fellow running buddies to bring participants who will run with you.

3. On the D-day, take the lead of your session! Be on time, check that everyone is here, and start to run!

4. Take a little souvenir selfie of your session and send it to OuiRun if you want us to share it!

5. Probably the most important: have a good time, enjoy and share your passion and happiness with your fellow OuiRunners.

6. Start again! To be a real OuiRanger, aim for a minimum of one session a week.

So, interested?

Fill in the form on the right and we will reach back at you! For more information, you can also send a mail to:


    How many times do you run per week? How many sessions could you host?